Brass Fern House
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Brass Fern House is a Floral and Design Studio started by Lorraine House Gonzalez. We help people create thoughtful, personal and creative events. Our goal is to create an atmosphere envisioned completely by you through the use of design expertise, thoughtful details and beautiful florals. We approach floral design by treating each client as unique as the flowers themselves with a focus on individualized, custom arrangements and boutique flowers. We don't stop at florals for events, we also offer fresh flower delivery that we hand design and deliver for personal or business. 



A little about Lorraine

She always had a love for floral design and a knack for producing creative work. She earned a degree in Visual Communications and began her career in Visual Merchandising and Fashion Styling. Eventually she transitioned into Marketing for a well recognized American brand.  In 2017, Brass Fern House was born out of her passion for design, attention to detail and helping people translate beauty and emotion through flowers.  Whatever project it is, she delivers with passion and goes above and beyond to get it done with a true love for what she is creating.